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Wynn Resort Company Analysis Essay Example For Students

Wynn Resort Company Analysis Essay Official SUMMARY Wynn Resorts Limited is a traded on an open market enterprise situated in Paradise, Nevada that is a designer and administrator of top of the line lodgings and club. It was shaped on October 25, 2002 by previous Mirage Resorts Chairmen and CEO Stephen A. Wynn. The objective customer base for Wynn Resorts are princely people who look for the most noteworthy qualityâ€Wynn and its sister property Encore hold more Forbes Five Star grants than some other gambling club resort on the planet. As of late, Steve Wynn has taken his image worldwide by working in Macau, China. With the opening of the Wynn and Encore Towers, Steve Wynn has demonstrated that upscale betting can be cultivated outside of Las Vegas. Steve Wynn’s showcasing technique is to underline the nature of administration gave in the most extravagant housing possible. Everything from golf to shopping to wedding functions, and betting obviously, is accessible at Wynn Resorts. The administration of Wynn Resorts Limited is lead by Chairman and CEO Stephen A. Wynn, Vice Chairman of the Board Kazuo Okada, and nine chiefs. The COO is Marc D. Schorr and the CFO is Matt Maddox. Despite the fact that Wynn Resorts were not safe from the downturn, they had the option to create strong income and keep up high inhabitance evaluations. Stephen Wynn and Wynn Resorts keep on being a forceful power in the inn and gambling club showcase, particularly with their ongoing venture into Macau, China. Introduction Wynn Resorts is occupied with the structure, advancement, financing, development, and activity of lodging and gambling club resorts. The Company claims and works two goal resorts: Wynn Las Vegas, on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Wynn Macau, situated in the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Macau). Wynn Las Vegas is situated on the north-east corner of the convergence of Las Vegas Boulevard (the strip) and Sands Avenue. It offers a dance club, a ultra-relax, a spa and salon, a Ferrari and Maserati vehicle business, wedding sanctuaries, a 18-gap green, roughly 223,000 square feet of meeting space, brand-name retail shopping, 132 game tables and 1,974 gaming machines. Wynn Las Vegas likewise has two showrooms: Wynn Theater and The Broadway Theater. Reprise at Wynn Las Vegas offers 24-hour gaming on around 72,00 square feet and incorporates private gaming salons, lavish inn convenience in 2,034 ll-suite rooms, 12 food and refreshment outlets, brand name retail shopping, pools, private cabanas, full assistance spa and salon, dance club and parlors. Wynn Macau situated on the Cotai Strip, offers 600 choice lodgings and suites, roughly 205,000 square foot gambling club, easygoing and top notch food in five eateries, brand-name retail shopping, a fitness center, a pool and spa. Wynn R esorts was built up in 2002 and furthermore offered its first sale of stock that year. In 2006, Wynn Resorts extended its activity in Macau, and along these lines included a second coordinated retreat inn with conveniences. The organization opened Encore, the new signature resort at Wynn Las Vegas in December 2008. The organization designated John Strzemp as the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer in March 2008 and Russell Goldsmith as its Director in May 2008. Under the Executive Board is Steve Wynn as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Linda Chen is President, of Wynn International Marketing. Directorate incorporate Kazuo Okada as the Vice Chairman, Elaine Wynn is Director, alongside Robert Miller, John Moran, D. Boone Wayson, Alvin Shoemaker, Allan Zeman, and Ray Irani. The senior administration incorporates Marc Schorr as Chief Operating Officer, John Strzemp as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer and Matt Maddox as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. At present, Wynn Las Vegas has more than 20,600 workers. Wynn Resorts had lost $5. 2 million during the final quarter of 2009 contrasted with lost $159. 6 million for the final quarter of 2008. The company’s net income for the final quarter was $809. 3 million contrasted with $614. million for the final quarter in 2008. The organization expresses that the income increment was driven by a 29. 6 percent income increment at Wynn Macau and a 35. 7 percent income increment in Las Vegas, which incorporated a full quarter commitment from Encore, Las Vegas. In Macau the company’s income expanded from $392. 2 million in the final quarter of 2008 to $508. 4 million in the final quarter of 2009. Wynn Resorts, drove by the sentimental and visionary pioneer Steve Wynn, is an innovator in the gaming and gambling clubs industry. Following its statement of purpose of, â€Å"A pledge to giving an exquisite situation, top notch luxuries, a predominant degree of administration and unmistakable attractions for our customers,† the organization is notable for its extravagance and greatness. Some significant rivals in the Industry are MGM Mirage and Trump Entertainment Resorts. Fortune Magazine said that †Wynn, which additionally drove gambling club resort administrators in 2009, positioned second in the inn, gambling club and resort classification for advancement and number 3 for individuals the executives, nature of the executives and nature of its items and administrations. Wynn Resorts the board procedure is that of centered separation. They make items and administrations that are one of a kind and esteemed in which clients will pay a premium and they center around a high society fragment. The organization does well in the board or in child rearing, by utilizing the experience of the corporate offic e and the help of the corporate office. Wynn Resorts works admirably in marking and is a major piece of the company’s center skills. Another center competency is the company’s capacity for interpersonal interaction with its capacity to have extraordinary connections among representatives and clients. The organization has worked admirably in the Industry Life Cycle by making another item (Wynn Macau) and afterward consolidating its incredible child rearing abilities to enable it to develop. Steve Wynn has referenced that he might want to move the base camp to Macau with the goal that he can concentrate on the hotel and construct a solid establishment in China. The organization can make an item hand crafted to the market’s needs and offer more to the client by being socially touchy. Wynn Resorts is that of a beneficial interaction organization wherein everybody benefits. The Company is focused on offering back to the network, some portion of corporate social duty. For instance, Steve Wynn as of late gave $1 million to networks and schools of Nevada. As an incredible child rearing organization, Wynn Resorts can keep on developing into worldwide markets and accomplish noteworthy market development. VISION/MISSION STATEMENT Wynn has been effective in keeping in line with their statement of purpose: â€Å"A duty to giving a rich situation, top notch pleasantries, a predominant degree of administration and particular attractions for our clients. They are one of the pioneers in the inn and club industry, giving a degree of administration that is best in class. They are exquisite and proficient and are reliably increasing present expectations. Demonstrating to their clients, after quite a long time after year, that there is no understanding, similar to the Wynn experience. The entirety of this is made conceivable without a dream explanation. Steve Wynn is a man with an enthusiasm for his business. He is a sentimental pioneer, and is a fantastic model for his staff. He is the visionary behind Wynn’s achievement, yet he isn't the sole explanation behind it. Steve Wynn has amassed a group of people whom all vibe a similar enthusiasm for their work. He has been known to ask workers, independently, what they trust Wynn is about, and despite the fact that he never gets a similar reaction, he generally gets a similar thought. The energy of a visionary like Steve Wynn is infectious. Wynn Resorts is lucky to have a group that acknowledges and benefits from this energy, beating the restriction of a solitary explanation. Outer ANALYSIS In the outside examination of the organization we center around segment, socio-social, political/lawful, mechanical, financial, and worldwide fragments. Wynn’s target socioeconomics in Macau is the Asian people group and their longing for extravagant expectations for everyday comforts. By setting up such a sumptuous goal resort in a bustling populated city was key when managing a general public who is enthusiastic and ready to follow the ongoing patterns. Additionally, because of the monetary downturn there has been an adjustment in opulence. Individuals don't have the optional salary they used to for their lackadaisical exercises. In any case, they have diminished the cost of their rooms fundamentally with the goal that it is moderate by the sorts. Wynn was extremely faithful while developing their most recent property, and ensured that it was appropriate for the Asian culture. The atmosphere of the hotel is alleviating and roomy which is elusive on the portion of Macau. They have extravagant spas that are engaging lady, a sea shore reasonable for a family, lavish rooms and eating drawing in to voyaging specialists, and a gambling club that the Asian culture has as of late become attached to. They are energetically attempting to make Wynn a brand rather than a hotel name since this is a culture that is brand steadfast which will grow their market into retail. Building Team and the State Competition EssayThis property will before long be one of three Wynn foundations in Macau, and we see that for every single serious intention was principally used to test the market and government in a recently rising China. Presently that there will be two â€Å"resorts† working in this area an inn just doesn't fit the form of what clients are acclimated with encountering when visiting a Wynn Resorts property. The lodging property offers similar costs and rooms without the supporting conveniences of the close by resorts, and we accept will consistently observe its room inhabitance rates decay because of its different areas. This will make it become less productive and

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Observational Method in Psychological Research Essay

Observational Method in Psychological Research - Essay Example One of the quality of the observational strategy for inquire about is that its condition is commonly true. Indeed, even the circumstance that is examined is exposed to a reasonable situation that really creates certified reactions. This trademark is basic in mental examinations to such an extent that the human brain is excessively perplexing wherein broad and concentrated perception and checking of its movement must be recorded and broke down as per the practices saw from the subject of the investigation. Since the practices of the subject of study are characteristic reactions to the genuine circumstances that fill in as the one of the elements and conditions being examined. Observational techniques empower analysts and specialists to distinguish standards of conduct inside the naturalistic settings at the time during which they really happen, and, in this manner, the social legitimacy of these frameworks is frequently a quality. (qtd in Lakin, 2005) There are a few manners by which observational strategy in mental research is conveyed. These various methodologies in observational strategy are the member perception, non-member perception, organized perception, unstructured perception and naturalistic perception. The watched information accumulated through the perception of the different practices from every one of these methodologies include arranged assembling, investigation, and translation. As much as the methodologies vary from one another, it can't be dodged that every one of the methodologies may have a bit of leeway over the others. (Observational) Depending on the issue of the investigation and the entire thought of the examination, a proper observational methodology might be recognized by the qualities and shortcomings of each approach. These observational procedures are arranged by the intercession of the onlooker on the exploration being led. (Presentation) Naturalistic perception approach is regarded as the most solid strategy in considers that include a perception of explicit subjects. (Observational) The onlooker in this methodology doesn't intercede in any viewpoint inside the term of the investigation. Essentially, the members associated with the examination with whom the practices are being watched, don't have a thought that every one of their responses and activities are watched. In every practical sense, the analyst is imperceptible and buckles down not to intrude on the characteristic elements of the circumstance being explored. (Presentation) Because of a continuous circumstance, the members of the examination carry on normally and precipitously in light of the non-intercession and the regular progression of the circumstance. The specialist turns out to be progressively favored of watching explicit practices of the members as per a foreordained arrangement of models. For an exploration study when there is an exceptionally restricted idea of the examination is recognized and known by the scientist, this strategy may likewise be material. The scientist might have the option to build up an endless supply of the characteristic circumstance or occasion being examined or watched. (Presentation) In any case, since the eyewitness or the scientist doesn't have any control on the circumstance being contemplated, he is constrained in making important inferences about the reasons for a specific conduct that the subject has displayed. (Presentation) Moreover, probably the most grounded issue that face naturalistic perception is morals. Since the members of the investigation are not recounted the examination being directed, this turns into an infringement of

Iran’s Political System free essay sample

Contrasts between the President and the Leader: * The Supreme Leader has outright force, while the president is under the Leader’s Rule, and has formal elements of the official branch * The Supreme Leader is chosen by the Assembly of Experts of Leadership. The president is chosen through famous vote. * While the Supreme Leader must be removed his post by the Assembly of Experts, the President can be taken off by the Supreme Leader. * The incomparable pioneer has restrictive authority over military, outside undertakings, legal frameworks and the atomic munititions stockpile of the nation. The President controls the bureau and selects envoys and governors. ?The Supreme Leader is the total guidelines and the president the CEO with restricted forces. - THE EXECUTIVE As we previously stated, the Islamic Republic of Iran has a one of a kind political framework. It has the trappings of a republican framework while keeping up the outright principle of a tip top progressive Islamic chamber. We will compose a custom paper test on Iran’s Political System or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Hence, the nation has a Supreme Leader and a President simultaneously. The Executive is essentially the President and his bureau. The president is picked by the general electorate at regular intervals and he picks his bureau priests, yet they must be affirmed by the Majles or parliament. THE LEGISLATIVE The Legislative is unicameral. The majles, which is made up by 290 individuals is chosen like clockwork. The ones in the seats of the Majles are the top sprinters of the races hung on each numerous part area. The Majles pass out bills, however they must be affirmed by the Council of Guardians, which is administratively ruled. THE JUDICIARY At long last, the Judiciary is made up by a central Judge and a Supreme Court autonomous of the official and authoritative yet delegated by the Leader. The Supreme Court nearby the four-part High Council of the Judiciary are combined to manage the requirement of laws and set up legal and legitimate strategies. At that point, there are lower courts, which incorporate an extraordinary administrative court, a progressive court, and a unique regulatory court. Thus, Iran’s political frameworks are a Party System, where the decision church confines most gathering and hierarchical exercises. Ideological groups AND ELECTIONS Iran has a few political gatherings of resistance which are: * The Liberation Movement: A moderate Islamic Party. Mainstream regardless of its strict direction and favors the severe partition of mosque from state. * The National Font: Originated by a crusade to nationalize the country’s oil assets. Focused on patriotism and secularism. Prohibited by the traditionalist pastorate as they felt compromised by it. * The Mojahedin: Tried to combine Marxism and Islam. Fvor equity, social equity, affliction, and redistribution of riches. The Fedayin: Modeled itself after the Marxist guerrilla development of the 1960’s. * The Tudeh: Formerly professional Soviet socialist gathering. Decisions: Iran’s constitution guarantees free races, yet the republic’s equitable highlights have been relinquished for its religious, tyrant ones. Thusly, the Islamic Republic has lost a significant part of its authenticity. THE ROLE OF DIFFERENT INSTIT UTIONS: * The Guardian Council or Council of Guardians: The 12-part Council of Guardians is one of the most remarkable, selected foundations in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The incomparable pioneer selects six administrative individuals. The leader of the legal executive, on exhortation of parliament, designates six lay individuals. Each of the 12 individuals are named to six-year terms. * The Assembly of strict specialists: The Assembly of Experts, one of three foundations whose individuals are straightforwardly chosen by well known vote (the parliament and the administration are the others), is a piece of Irans complex protected structure of religious, vote based and dictator administration. * The Expediency Council:

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Decision Making in End of Life of Newborn Care

Dynamic in End of Life of Newborn Care Mutual dynamic toward the finish of life of infant care Presentation: Neonatal serious consideration for very low birth weight baby is costly and more often than not there is contradiction between the Neonatologist and the family to settle on the best choice to the greatest advantage of the patient. There is an announced rate of pre-term conveyance of low-birth-weight (PLBW) infants of 37% of every single live birth in Pakistan To revive the very low birth weight (ELBW) infant or retain treatment is a moral issue is much of the time looked by wellbeing experts. Circumstance: A child kid with 22 weeks gestational age, weighing 0.7 kg was moved from work space to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The child was the fourth preterm infant of her mom and was breathing immediately. The Neonatologist chose not to revive the child as there is least possibility of endurance. The guardians were not associated with the procedure while the choice is made. Inside 60 minutes, the baby began panting and his condition crumbled, he was unable to keep up his battle to inhale precipitously and in the long run lapsed. Investigation In the situation the specialist chose not to revive the newborn child on account of gestational age that is 22 weeks and weight 7kg. Truth be told the specialist chose dependent on hazard and advantages of the treatment and likelihood of grimness and mortality of the kid. Singh (2003) claims that when the passing of a baby is unavoidable or likelihood to live with neuromotor incapacities is more, the choice to retain treatment is defended. Akhtar (2010) expressed that utilization of advance innovation brings about delaying demise of patients as opposed to giving them comfort. The specialist likewise utilized paternalism way to deal with shield the newborn child from conceivable enduring that is dragging out death process. Additionally, the specialist likewise saw since the guardians are genuinely engaged with the newborn child in this way, they can't take suitable choice. Furthermore, the goal of the specialist was the proper usage of rare assets that are medication, innovation and r epresentative. In open part emergency clinic every one of these assets are restricted. Ahmed and Shaikh (2008) expressed that wellbeing spending plan has consistently been low and stays around 0.6% of the all out GDP of the nation. Nonetheless, to overlook the authentic self-rule of the guardians was disregarded, and they were not allowed caution in dynamic. As the child was valuable and if the guardians can bear the cost of the treatment, their desire ought to be regarded. Moral guideline value is in struggle Advantage. Social insurance experts have a commitment to advance wellbeing and stay away from hurt. This guideline includes these components: (1) one should not to hurt; (2) one should forestall hurt; (3) one should expel hurt; (4) one should advance great. The most significant and least demanding to rehearse is doing not hurt. Damage to be forestalled is inconvenience, enduring, ailment and its intercessions. The great to be advanced is wellbeing. The standard of helpfulness suggests a commitment to survey benefits against hurt. On the off chance that any treatment cause more damage to baby contrast with advantage than solace of the newborn child ought to be need dependent on this standard. Leaders are additionally committed to evaluate advantages of the treatment to newborn child and cost of the treatment and results In this paper my position is Neonatologist can settle on better choice for ELBW newborn children as they are progressively proficient and experienced. Contention Reviving ELBW newborn children is less gainful contrasted and mischief All in all the treatment results of ELBW newborn children are extremely poor in this manner, the use of important assets must be used admirably. Stolz (1998) study discoveries uncovered that middle period of ELBW at death was 2 days and 60% of the newborn children passed on at 4 years old days. Besides, mean charges to create one survivor were assessed for newborn child gauging Beauchamp and Childress (2001) proposed that the choice ought to be make dependent on rule of utility that produce greatest constructive incentive for most extreme individuals. The activity picked by the specialist was that most extreme newborn children can be profited inside the accessible assets. In this manner, the expense of care can be better spend on bigger pool of babies who have better odds of endurance. It very well may be spared by setting principles and denying care to ELBW newborn children whose endurance is unsure. Rule for the capable usage of escalated care as refered to in Lorenz (2005) recommended that giving serious consideration treatment to newborn children whose gestational age is underneath 23 weeks would not be advantageous. Hack et al. (2000) study uncovered the outcome that Very-low-birth-weight members had a lower mean IQ and higher paces of neurosensory debilitations. Along these lines, the personal satisfaction of ELBW babies who made due after treatment i sn't acceptable. Counterargument Guardians are genuine chief and they ought to be engaged with settling on choice It is reckless and nonsensical to disregard or bar the guardians, they ought to be taken in certainty while settling on clinical dynamic. It is additionally essential to consider uncommon security of the newborn child who don’t has the ability to communicate his desires. In this way, the parent’s intrigue ought to be respected however significantly helped. Independence of the guardians are not regarded next to the way that they have the ability to choose and make own arrangement of activity. As per Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2008) self-sufficiency signifies freedom to settle on close to home choice. It is likewise guaranteed that wellbeing experts abuse the self-governance when they accept the privilege and discerning strategy is the one that is coordinate with their norms else they are marked as ineptitude. Hypothesis of equity infers decency in treatment. In the vast majority of the social insurance morals, the most center standard is distributive equity that is circulation of merchandise and ventures. Nathaniel n Burkhardt (2008) Parents contended that their ELBW newborn children ought to be treated as other person. Their little infant likewise has the equivalent rights to accomplish wellbeing administrations as other typical newborn children have. It is the obligation of wellbeing experts to settle on reasonable choice for newborn children who have never accomplished dynamic limit. Additionally, the desire of the guardians to treat might be viewed as dependent on libertarian hypothesis. Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2008) keeps up that it is the privilege of the guardians to request treatment for the newborn child dependent on the material head ability to pay for treatment to improve wellbeing. Suggestions Care of ELBW is very costly and their endurance is dubious in this way, strategies in regards to mind of the preterm identified with gestational age and weight ought to be figured and executed on need. Besides, to improve antenatal assistance is a superior and financially savvy alternative to take care of the issue. What's more, pregnant ladies who are in danger of preterm conveyance ought to be guided and taken in certainty for the potential outcomes of the treatment. Boyle (2014) Suggested that during advising guardians ought to be given data with respect to danger of death and incapacities as results of the treatment, so that the can settle on better choice to the greatest advantage of the baby and family. Human services experts are leaders can assist the family with making satisfactory dynamic References Ahmed, J., Shaikh, B. T. (2008). An untouched low spending plan for social insurance in Pakistan.Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan,18(6), 388. Akhtar, J. (2010). Living wills in human services: A method of enabling individuals.JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association,60(3), 240-242. Beauchamp, T. L., Childress, J. F. (2001). Standards of biomedical morals. (fifth ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. Burkhardt, M. Nathaniel, A. (2008). Morals and Issues in Contemporary Nursing (third ed.) Australia: Delmar. Hack, M., Flannery, D. J., Schluchter, M., Cartar, L., Borawski, E., Klein, N. (2002). Results in youthful adulthood for extremely low-birth-weight infants.New England Journal of Medicine,346(3), 149-157. Satisfaction Catlin, A. (2000). Doctors neonatal revival of very low-birth-weight preterm infants.Neonatal Network: The Journal of Neonatal Nursing,19(3), 25-32. Singh, M. (2003). Moral and social issues under the watchful eye of the newborn.The Indian Journal of Pediatrics,70(5), 417-420. Stolz, J. W., McCormick, M. C. (1998). Limiting access to neonatal escalated care: impact on mortality and monetary savings.Pediatrics,101(3), 344-348.

10 Great Pieces of Advice About Editing

10 Great Pieces of Advice About Editing If youre lucky, you know someone who can act as your editor, but most of us end up having to edit  our own editing. Theres just one problem: its really hard to spot mistakes you made yourself. You might think some commercial editing software can help you, and although Ill admit some of these are pretty good at picking up certain errors, none of them will find them all. You can believe me. Ive tried a lot of them with hope in my heart. To test them, I feed them work I know is packed with errors, and I still havent found one able to find all of them. I guess this leads me to my first piece of advice: Never Trust Editing Software Its actually quite comforting to know there are some things a machine cant do effectively: writing is one of them, editing is another. Dont rely on spell checkers, grammar checkers or any other writing programs to catch all of your errors. At least your eyes and your brain will never be made redundant by a machine. The Matrix needs us. Let It Lie for a While The worst possible time to try and edit something youve written is right after you write it. I find the greater the distance in time between me and my written work, the more effectively Im able to edit it. Its as if it becomes someone elses work. I can read it impartially and with fresh eyes, picking out mistakes I previously missed. 24 hours is the absolute minimum, and 48 hours is even better. Do I practice what I preach? Ahem Read It Aloud Yes, I know it feels dorky. Just pretend youre a TV news reader or the narrator for a documentary. Put on your best announcer voice and read it as if it were a script. You can also have a program read it to you with the Word Counter proofread feature. (If you dont see it above the text area, go to options and then click on buttons) Does anything make you falter? Are there sentences that sound weird? Did you need to pause at a place where there was no punctuation mark? These are areas that probably need tweaking, even if you cant actually put your finger on the reason why theyre wrong. Trust Your Instincts It gets harder when youre editing someone elses work. You dont want to offend them by making unnecessary changes. Sometimes, things are said in a way you wouldnt have done it. Is it wrong? Maybe not, but Id still advise an adjustment. When I edit, I cant always say exactly why I changed this or that sentence, but in time, Ive learned that my instincts are often right. Its better to make an unnecessary change than to skip a change just because you arent sure how to explain it. Track Changes When editing another persons work, track changes so they can decide if they want to accept your judgment or not. Then create a clean version (after saving the changes tracked one), and check again. I often find I pick up additional errors. Dont ask me why. Maybe one doesnt see everything the first time around. With your own work, theres no need to track changes, but the final proofread rule still applies. Look out for Ambiguity You can be ambiguous without actually making a grammatical error. You know what you meant. Did you say what you meant? Imagine you know nothing about the topic and are reading about it for the first time. Does it make sense? Pay Extra Attention to Long Sentences The longer the sentence, the more likely itll contain an error. Have you put a comma where a period  would be better? Is your thought presented in a crisp, clear way, or have you become tangled up in your own words? Does Everything You Have Written Contribute? When writing an essay, youre trying to get a point across. Anything that doesnt actually contribute to the point is redundant. Even in creative writing, there has to be a reason for everything you have said. You could be contributing to the atmosphere or providing background, but if what youve said does not contribute something, its just padding that waters down your prose. Beware of Punctuation Its worth studying how to use punctuation marks. Commas, semi-colons, colons and dashes are often used incorrectly. Have you used them correctly? When in doubt, check. If youre still not sure, rephrase. Know Your Vices When editing your own work, its good to know what mistakes you commonly make. Since you probably make them without even realizing it, have someone who knows their stuff give some of your writing a look over to point them out. Ask questions and learn to identify your slips. Youll probably find your slips a few times before the lesson sinks in. (Photo courtesy of Matt Hampel)

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Where Can I Purchase College Textbooks Online

Where Can I Purchase College Textbooks Online? Options for Ordering College Textbooks Popular websites for ordering college textbooks include the following: Amazon offers a myriad of products for college students, including textbooks. As with all other orders, shipping on the site is free on qualifying purchases of $25 or more. Barnes Noble doesn't carry textbooks in their retail stores, but they do have a large selection of books available online. has many of the most popular textbooks used in colleges across the United States. offers both new and used books. ECampus lets you buy or rent college textbooks. They also offer e-books for many titles. lets you buy, rent, or download textbooks. You can also earn money by referring your friends to the site. Related Articles What Students Need to Know About College Textbooks What Students Need to Know About College Textbooks Cheap College Textbooks Cheap College Textbooks Budgeting Tips for College Students Budgeting Tips for College Students Your college or university may also offer the option of ordering books online, although online prices are likely to be identical or very close to what you'd pay when visiting the bookstore in person. Tips for Ordering Textbooks Online Ordering textbooks online is designed to be as simple as possible, but you'll still want to double-check your order to make sure you've purchased the edition your professor has specified. Textbooks often have new editions released each year, and listings that don't include photos or detailed descriptions can be difficult to navigate. The page numbers and content will be slightly different from edition to edition, but covers can be almost identical. It's also important to review shipping fees before you buy. Although many retailers offer free shipping, some do not. Textbooks are heavy, so shipping fees can add up quickly if you are ordering several books. Finally, allow as much time as possible for your order to ship. The shipping times given during checkout are only an estimate, and your order could be delayed due to factors beyond your control. You don't want to fall behind on homework or miss out on study sessions because your books did not arrive on time. How Much Can I Save? Although expenses will vary based upon your exact course load, college students can typically expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 per year on books and supplies. The University of Iowa used a figure of $1,090 per year for books and supplies when calculating the 2011-2012 cost of attendance. For the same time period, Texas AM University estimated students would spend $1,350 per year on books and supplies.

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Analysis Of On Keeping A Notebook By Joan Didion

ON KEEPING A NOTEBOOK RHETORICAL ANALYSIS The point of keeping a notebook has never been, nor is it now to have an accurate factual record of what I have been doing or thinking. Author, Joan Didion, in her essay, â€Å"On Keeping a Notebook† explains how to keep a notebook and why. Didion’s purpose is to inform us on how she keeps a notebook and why notebooks are useful in helping us to remember events that happened in the past. She adopts a sentimental tone in order to emphasize how many memories are kept alive by keeping a notebook. Didion uses ethos, pathos, and different rhetorical devices in her essay to explain her point. Didion uses ethos appeals. She explains in the first paragraph all of her accomplishments. She is the author of novels, short stories, screen plays, and essays. She began as a staff writer for Vogue Magazine in New York in 1956. Run River was her first novel published in 1963. Her collection of essays includes â€Å"On Keeping a Notebook†, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, published in 1968, The White Album, Salvador, Miami, After Henry, Political Fictions, Fixed Ideas: America Since 9.11, and Where I Was From, were all written and published within the next twenty four years (paragraph 1). In the essay â€Å"On Keeping a Notebook†, Didion uses pathos appeals to reveal emotions. In the second paragraph Didion states â€Å"I write entirely to find out what’s on my mind, what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I’m seeing, and what it means, what I want and what I’m afraidShow MoreRelatedEssay on On Keepin a Notebook783 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis on On Keeping a Notebook Joan Didions tone in her essay On Keeping a Notebook, is explanatory and a little sarcastic. She wasnt so much explaining how to keep a notebook as she was explaining why she kept hers the way she did; which made the reader interested in reading it. Didions sarcasm comes from her explanation. Joan Didions diction in her essay was informal and abstract. Since the note is in my notebook, it presumably has some meaning to me, (pg. 79) In fact I haveRead MoreThe Effects Of Imperialism In George Orwells Shooting An Elephant1633 Words   |  7 Pageslast their families a lifetime, or perhaps even longer.    Process Analysis: Joan Didion, On Keeping a Notebook   Ã‚  Ã‚   In the selection On Keeping a Notebook, Joan Didion uses her experiences in day to day life as a writer in order to demonstrate the importance/methods of keeping a daily notebook. Didion appeals to her audience by displaying her expertise in the subject at hand, especially by stating, â€Å"So the point of keeping a notebook has never been, nor is it now, to have an accurate factual record